Skate park removal

The parish council are removing the skate park which is currently located in the area known as the “Little Rec”. This piece of land stretches from behind the library to the Haslemere Road car park and was donated to the parish council in trust for the use of young children and their parents resident in Liphook and its environs for ever.
The picture below shows the skate park as it is currently. It has been closed for some time as it requires considerable repairs to bring it up to a safe standard. It is also very outdated compared to modern skate parks.
We will be removing the skate park ramps, fencing, the remains of the shelter and the bike rack.
The council have set up a working group to consider ideas for this area and we have already heard from some residents giving their views on how it could be used.
If you have an idea please do tell us about it by emailing