Radford Park

Off Malthouse Meadows (22 acres) – Malthouse Meadows frontage in ownership of East Hampshire District Council. Right of way granted for access to car park February 11th 1980. Vehicular right of way from A3 London Road across Hospital land, for agricultural purposes only, acquired with purchase of Bones’ land 1983.

10 acres, adjacent to A3 London Road, purchased from Mr. W. R.. Allee on October 31st 1977. (£6,000)

Approx. 6 acres, between south side of River Wey and Wey Meadow estate, donated as public open space by developers James Miller & Partners, February 3rd 1982. (Condition of planning permission).

Approx. 6 acres, north of River Wey to Bramshott Place boundary, purchased from Mrs. G. Bone of Guernsey, March 24th 1983 (£5,000)

Approx. 1 acre of wet land, north of River Wey to boundary with Marshes Hollow, Haslemere Road, purchased from Mrs J Obert February 1990 (£2,000)

An area of wooded land on the edge of Bramshott Place donated by Danbuild in 1997, together with the sum of £14,000 for its upkeep.

Car Park – Constructed by J. J. Bleach & Sons 1980 at cost of £7,996.

Grant of £2,000 towards the cost from The Countryside Commission subject to the Council spending a minimum of £2,000 per annum on the Park over the following 10 years.

Site Hut – block and timber construction with tiled roof in fenced compound adjacent to car park. Built by Y.T.S. trainees.

Wayleave in Perpetuity – granted to Southern Electricity for overhead high voltage lines and cables November 23rd 1982.

Parish Council Office & Public Toilets

Small area of land purchased from Peak Housing for £1, transfer deed completed in September 1993. Planning Permission refused for new parish office on this land due to Tree Preservation Orders on two oaks and one sycamore growing on land.

further small area of land purchased from EHDC for £1, adjacent to land bought from Peak Housing and forming part of existing car park, transfer deed completed in July 1994.

building commenced July 1994 and was occupied on 27th January 1995. Official opening on 10th April 1995.

building contractors were Newman and Kerry of Aldershot.

building comprises 1 large reception/committee room; the Clerk’s office; a ‘surgery’ office; a small stationery office; a small kitchen; a staff toilet and a large boarded attic space for use as archive storage. There are two unisex toilets and one toilet for the Disabled on the outside of the building.

two extra car parking spaces were created together with the two spaces designated for Parish office staff use

grants were obtained from Hampshire County Council – £10,000, and East Hants District Council – £5,000. EHDC also paid £3,680 towards cost of sanitary fixtures and fittings.

EHDC pay the Parish Council c£6000 (2003) plus RPI per annum to use the building as a District Presence Office.

EHDC pay the Parish Council c£6000 (2003) plus RPI per annum to run the new public toilet facility.

cost of building contract was £104,127.51 ex VAT.

Allotment Land

situated off Tunbridge Lane, Bramshott, 2.75 acres in size. – freehold brought from the Allee Trust for £1 in 1991.
right of way granted from Tunbridge Lane to Allotment car park with no maintenance costs to Parish Council for 5 years – 6.75 acres bought from Allee Trust for £36,500 in 1996.
3.25 acres sold to neighbouring householder in 1997 for £23, 850
a tipping fee of £2001 was paid by John Jones for use of land as a soil tip during the A3 Bypass excavations.

plots let from 1st April 1993 and official opening held on 29th April 1995.

most plots currently let as half plots.

Liphook Millennium Hall & Village Green

Acquired by the Parish Council under the planning obligations imposed on J Sainsbury plc during the development of the OSU site. The Hall, totalling 1080 sq m, comprises a theatre/hall, meeting rooms and social facilities; Scout and Guide halls with ancillary stores, kitchens and toilets and a Police facility. The Village Green (4 acres) surrounds the Millennium Hall and the Parish Council is responsible for its maintenance. Parish Council are also responsible for Midhurst Road tree belt.