Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground

The Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground is a registered charity (charity number 301766). It is situated in London Road and consists of an area of 8 acres and was purchased by public subscription as a war memorial in 1920. It was run at first by publicly elected Recreation Ground Committee but was handed to the Parish Council as Custodian Trustees in 1937 and registered as a Charity on 17th November 1939.

The land and buildings within the Recreation Ground are subject to any restrictions imposed generally by virtue of it being a charity and any covenants in the trust deed. The Parish Council are the sole trustees of the charity.

The link below provides a brief summary of the charity’s registration held by the Charity Commission. The charitable objects are cited as Recreation Ground.

Charity Commission report on Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground (charity number 301766)

The Trustees can be contacted by writing to: Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground Trust, Haskell Centre, Midhurst Road, Liphook GU30 7TN

Release of Trust documents 7th December 2015

The following documents relate to the Trust’s decision to demolish the pavilion building on the Recreation Ground. The Public Documentation Trail should be read in conjunction with the Reference documents below it. A Press Release from the Trustees has also been issued: Press Release BWMRG Trust 071215

Public Documentation Trail Aug 15 V1.4

Reference A Jacobs & Hunt Survey Report

Reference B Charity Commission Trust Registration

Reference C Charity Commission Guidance Notes The Essential Trustee

Reference D New Guidance on Trustees Responsibilities

Reference E Action with Communities in Rural England Information Sheet 36

Reference F Sales Leases Transfers or Mortgages_Disposing of Charity Land

Reference G Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council Standing Orders

The following are email trails relating to correspondence with the Charity Commission:

Charity Commission email trail 270715

Charity Commission email 131115


The following is a transcript from the original Trust Deed:

Trust Deed for Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground


1. The above mentioned Charity and the endowment thereof consisting of land specified in the Schedule hereto shall be administered and managed subject to and in conformity with the provisions of this Scheme by the Parish Council of Bramshott, as the Trustees of the Charity.

2. The said land shall forthwith vest in the said Council for all the estate and interest therein belong to or held in trust for the Charity.

3. The said land shall be appropriated and used by the said Council as a recreation ground, for the inhabitants of the Parish of Bramshott.

4. Subject to the trust for the use as a recreation ground and so as not to interfere with the same, the Trustees may set apart and let in allotments in a manner prescribed by and subject to the provisions of the Allotment Extension Act, 1882, any portion of the land belonging to the Charity other than buildings and the appurtenances of buildings.


A piece of land containing 8 acres or thereabouts, situated in London Road, Liphook, in the Parish of Bramshott, and known as the Recreation Ground, being the land comprised in the above mentioned Declaration of Trust.

Signed by Order of the Board this 17th day of November 1939


Pavilion, leased to Liphook Royal British Legion as Headquarters from January 1st 1987 until December 1996, and from 1999 used as The Willows Nursery School.

Part concrete block, constructed 1977 to provide staff workshop on ground floor; social room, bar area, toilet and shower on first floor, was used by Youth Club – The Beacon – which is why this building is sometimes referred to as The Beacon building.


Bowling Club pavilion – permitted 1947 until Club disbands
Football (formerly Cricket Club) Club pavilion on north bank. Permission to Cricket Club 1965 transferred to Football Club 1986.

Hard Tennis Courts

Liphook Tennis Club, 14 years from November 1971; extended periodically

Land Drainage – carried out in 1973 at eastern end of ground by Deane Bros.

Jubilee Recreation Ground (Little Rec)

The Jubilee Recreation Ground is more commonly referred to as the Little Rec and is an area of land, 252 x 126 feet, that stretches from behind the library to the Haslemere Road car park. It was donated by Mr. W. T. Erle to the Parish Council in trust for the use of young children and their parents resident in Liphook and its environs for ever.

It currently houses the skate park which was installed in 2001.

The Deed of Conveyance is mentioned in the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on February 10th 1897. Mention was made of adding part of the playground of the Girls School. The boundary with the County Library (old school) is marked by posts by the wall on the western side.

The Deeds were mislaid some time prior to 1957. Ownership was registered with the Land Registry in December 1997.


Fletchers Field

Donated to the Parish as public open-space, by the East Hampshire District Council on completion of their adjoining sheltered housing development in July 1978. Black bollards mark the boundary of the area donated as public open space. Parish Council appointed Trustees. Sitting out area – erected and donated by Miss. P.M. Halahan. Raised “all-ability” flower beds constructed by Liphook Marketing Panel “Liphook in Bloom” in 1998.
Wayleave Agreement in Perpetuity – granted to Post Office to lay underground telegraph cables across the land, October 17th 1979.

Liphook Village Hall

( property includes Bramshott Club and Institute)
2 Headley Road, Liphook, Hants
Hall run by annually elected Management Committee.

Conford Village Hall

Conford, Liphook, Hants

Peak Centre

Run by Management Committee, Parish Council are Custodian Trustees