The Council provides allotments located off Tunbridge Lane, Bramshott. There can sometimes be a waiting list for allotments and any resident wishing to lease an allotment should contact the Council who will be able to advise on availability and timescale. Most plots are now half or quarter size which is more manageable and facilitates more availability. Allotment holders are expected to keep their plots in good order to ensure the enjoyment of all allotment holders.

The original allotment site was 2.75 acres in size and was acquired from the Allee Trust for £1 in 1991. A further 6.75 acres was bought from the Allee Trust for £36,500 in 1996. Part of the site was unused and 3.25 acres was sold to a neighbouring householder in 1997 for £23,850. Plots were let from 1st April 1993 and the official opening held on 29th April 1995.

Allotment Tenancy Agreement 2023