Household Support Fund Community Grants

Household Support Fund Community Grants

Funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Hampshire County Council has been given more than £7.1 million from the Household Support Fund to use by 30 September 2024 and we intend to work with community and voluntary sector partners to provide immediate direct support or support that has a longer-term sustainable impact, particularly focussing on food and utility costs, to vulnerable households throughout the period.
The fund will also be used to help those who may not be eligible for other government support, but who are nevertheless in crisis and require urgent help.
A fund of £720,000 is being allocated to Community Grants so that community organisations can support local initiatives tailored to local needs, as well as for organisations or professionals working with families by exception to apply for urgent crisis funding.
A fund of £125,000 is allocated for advice grants – to deliver advice on budgeting, finances, maximising income or accessing other help.
A fund of £550,000 is allocated for Community pantries and food support schemes – for funding that will help provide vulnerable households with food, with their projects being implemented prior to the end of the grant period.
Schools and other education settings will also be able to apply for community grant funding where they have a specific plan in mind to support families in greatest need, or for a large number of families and the amount will not be covered by the schools’ grant allocation.
Applications for community grants will be open from 20 May to 9 August 2024. They will be considered at regularly scheduled panel meetings.

Police & Crime Plan and Public Consultation

Police & Crime Commissioner survey

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones has today opened a public consultation to develop her next Police and Crime Plan.

After being re-elected in May, the Commissioner is keen to begin gathering feedback from the public on how she can work with the Chief Constable over the next four years to deliver a best-in-class police force.

The Commissioner’s duty as an elected official is to listen to public concerns and set the local policing priorities on the public’s behalf.

Each priority in the new plan will be designed based on direct feedback from residents.

Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones said: “As your Commissioner, I represent you and your concerns. My role enables you to have a direct say on policing in your area and holding your police force to account”.

To complete the survey, please use this link:

Tree works on Portsmouth Road, Thursday 29th February

Hampshire County Council will be carrying out tree works on Portsmouth Road on Thursday 29th February.

This work is to improve sight lines in advance of a new crossing point being installed.

A Hampshire County Council ecologist will be on site from 8.30am on Thursday morning to complete the nesting bird check and assess any features for potential bat roosts.

The tree works will begin after 9.30am once the ecologist has given the go ahead.

Litter Pick Event

Liphook in Bloom are holding a litter pick on Sunday 14th April.  Please join in and help to keep the village looking clean and tidy .

Volunteers are to meet in the Midhurst Road car park at 9.30am.

Litter pickers, high viz vests and black sacks will be provided however please bring your own gloves.

East Hampshire District Council Draft Local Plan Consultation

East Hampshire District Council are holding a drop-in event at the Liphook Millennium Hall on Wednesday 7th February 3.30-7.30pm regarding their draft local plan.  Residents are welcome to attend and share their views.

Review of Polling Places 2023

East Hampshire District Council is carrying out a review of its polling districts and polling places.

Relevant information and mapping regarding the current arrangements and proposals for changes can be found on the Council’s website at or can be inspected at
East Hampshire District Council’s Offices, Penns Place, Petersfield on Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am to 4.30pm.

Members of the public are encouraged to view the proposals and comment.

Further information can be found in the document attached here.


Fly posting

Residents have regularly raised questions with us relating to advertising, posters etc being put up around the village for events. We would like to draw your attention to the information provided by East Hampshire District Council and encourage residents to report any breaches using the details at the end of this article.

Fly posting is the display of advertising material on buildings or highway land (including street furniture, road signs, railings and grass verges) without the consent of the owner and contrary to the provisions of the Regulations.

East Hampshire District Council is responsible for removing fly posting from public buildings and street furniture.

Permission to erect banners or bunting over or upon the Highway can be sought from Hampshire County Council as the Highways Authority for the area, although applicants will need to be mindful that the content and size will have to be compliant with the relevant planning regulations in the area

The removal of fly posting on private buildings is the responsibility of the property owner.

East Hampshire District Council can serve a notice that the advertisements must be removed within 48 hours, issue a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for each sign, or remove them and claim back the costs for doing so.

We are committed to supporting events signage, where events are arranged in connection with fundraising for genuine charitable or voluntary organisations or community groups.

General guidelines for advertisements and signage

  • We would not expect any sign or advertisement to be erected more than 21 days in advance of the start of the event
  • No temporary sign should obstruct any other existing signage
  • Only a reasonable number of signs may be displayed – normally no more than 5-10
  • We would normally expect any sign or advertisement for a charity or community event to include: name, address, telephone number and a valid web address.

Important information

In the case of signs we regard as acceptable, we expect the signs together with any metal or plastic ties or string used to attach the sign to be removed within 48 hours after the end of the event. In any case they must be removed within 14 days from the end of the event otherwise the council will either issue a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for each sign still on display or will remove the sign(s) and claim back the cost of removal from the originator or beneficiary of the sign or from the company which put the signs up.

In the case of signs which we do not regard as acceptable, these shall be promptly removed or the originator of the sign(s) will be contacted by East Hampshire District Council and given 48 hours to remove the sign(s). If a sign is not removed within 48 hours then the council will either issue a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for each sign or will remove the signs and claim back the cost of removal from the originator or beneficiary of the sign or from the company that put the signs up.

Any sign removed by East Hampshire District Council may be disposed of without reference to the originator. East Hampshire District Council shall not be responsible for storing signs, for any damage caused to the signs or for returning signs to the owner.

In terms of ‘A’ boards located outside premises on the pavement, these are regulated by Hampshire County Council. For more information, contact Hampshire County Council.

Signs on private land

It is permissible to place signs or advertisements on private land with the permission of the landowner but advertisers are encouraged not to keep such signs up for more than 21 days in advance of an event and to remove them promptly, ideally within 48 hours, of the event concluding.

Powers and the capacity to enforce

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (section 224) creates an offence of displaying an advertisement without consent. It is punishable by a fine of up to £2,500. The Highways Act 1980 section 132 (1) A person who, without either the consent of the highway authority for the highway in question or an authorisation given by or under an enactment or a reasonable excuse, paints or otherwise inscribes or affixes any picture, letter, sign or other mark upon the surface of a highway or upon any tree, structure or works on or in a highway is guilty of an offence. This means that any sign not given consent by Hampshire County Council’s Highways department is a fly poster even if staked into the ground or hung from a street light, pedestrian railings etc.

East Hampshire District can serve a notice that the advertisements must be removed within 48 hours, issue a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for each sign or remove them and claim its costs of doing so. This only applies to signage that does not comply with the council’s guidelines.

How do I report fly posting?

You can report fly tipping through your My East Hampshire District Council account. Using the contact us form, please select ‘flyposting’ from the service area.

Alternatively you can phone customer services on 0300 300 0013.

Lloyds Bank at the Millennium Centre

Representatives from Lloyds Bank will be at the Liphook Millennium Centre every Thursday from now until 11th January (except 19th October) from 9am-3pm.

Their staff will be able to guide you through the ways you can now bank with Lloyds, since the closure of their branch in The Square, and support you with account enquiries. This is for both business and personal users.

No appointment is necessary, please just turn up.



Neighbourhood Plan: Next drop-in 22nd August & Upcoming Dates

There will be another chance to chat to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group next week, Tuesday 22nd August. Ask any questions you have about the Formal Draft Plan, which is currently undergoing Formal Consultation. Liphook Millennium Centre, 22nd August, 7.30-8.30pm


NDP Steering Group members will be at our display stand at the LMC during the following events:

  • SATURDAY 9th SEPT – Liphook Village Market (during)
  • FRIDAY 15TH SEPT – Film Screening in afternoon and evening (before film & during intervals)

TUESDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER: Meeting at Liphook Millennium Centre 7.30-8.30PM. The first half of the meeting (7.30-8.15) will be run as a formal Steering Group meeting, the second half (8.15-9) will be an open forum discussion.

TUESDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER: NDP meeting with interested developers. NDP Steering Group will meet with interested developers to discuss Opportunities and Challenges of BLNDP Policies for Future Development in the Parish: Further information to follow. Subject to change. If you are an interested developer and would like to attend please let us know at:

Update on Neighbourhood Development Plan July 2023

Update on Neighbourhood Development Plan July 2023

The Parish Council has recently approved the draft plan, and the Neighbourhood Development Plan has moved onto its next stage: a formal open consultation (also called Regulation 14).

This is the LAST CHANCE for residents, businesses and other community groups to have an input into the formal draft NDP.

Pease see the NDP website to read the full documents and fill in the survey:

You can also:

-Attend the residents drop-in meeting on Tuesday 8th August, 7.30-8.30pm at the Liphook Millennium Centre. Hear the story of the NDP so far and ask any questions to the Steering Group.

-Visit the displays at the Millennium Centre and Parish Council Office (Haskell Centre) to read hard copies of all the documents.

The consultation will last for 8 weeks, so you will see plenty of reminders, but why not give your input now!

A4 Reg14 poster