Parish Plan Update 11th March 2014

A draft copy of the Parish Plan is now available at the Liphook Library and the Parish Office for examination and comment.

Bramshott & Liphook Parish Plan – be part of it

For some years the government has wanted local communities to have more control of their own lives, to say what they want doing in their own community or parish and to work with other organisations to get it done. Parish Plans are the result. These have given an opportunity for everyone in the community to make themselves heard. They provide a way for them to say if they want more open spaces, more effective public transport, affordable housing, better access to health care, a chance to buy local produce at local shops and to choose how your community helps everyone in it to relax and make the most of their social and leisure time, etc, etc. Many communities in East Hampshire have already developed Parish Plans and these are playing an important role in their local planning process and showing that Community Led Planning does work and benefits the local community.

“A Parish Plan is a process of structured community engagement, undertaken by local people within a parish or neighbourhood, with the aim of developing a comprehensive, shared vision for that community.”

– Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE).

The intention is that a Parish Plan should be a community led exercise and that the Parish Council is not expected to have a role and certainly not a major role. However, in Bramshott and Liphook, the Parish Council is willing to play the role of facilitator, to start with anyway.

As Bramshott & Liphook is a large Parish it is going to be a large project and lots of people from every part of the community will be needed to take part. We will need people from the business community, parents, sportspeople, young people, elderly people, teachers, carers, schools, surgeries, local societies, churches etc, etc to join in this project. There has already been a Parish Survey and a Village Design Statement and these will form a sound foundation for the Parish Plan to build on.

If you are interested, or would like more information about the Parish Plan process, please contact

Trevor Maroney:  or go to